Using Self Help PLR For An Advice Service

In the following video, I will walk you through the planning phases of a new project I am starting where PLR will be one of the tools in my project “tool box”.

This isn’t as much a training video as it is a candid “behind the scenes” walk through of something I’m working on right now.

I thought it would be useful to demonstrate 2 specific things:

  1. How to use PLR in a creative way by combining it with my own unique content. The PLR will complement my material and add depth to my offer.
  2. How to reframe an idea that you may have given up on or a project you may have abandoned. In my example, I am using this project to restart something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. But my assumptions about HOW to implement had been holding me back. So… I changed those assumptions and got started!

17 thoughts on “Using Self Help PLR For An Advice Service”

  1. Thanks for sharing – it sounds like a business model with great potential and one which could be adopted by *any* niche. It’s certainly given me something to think about. I’ll look forward to seeing how your plans develops.

    1. Thanks Neill

      I agree this can be applied to virtually any niche. I will definitely be posting more updates so you can follow along and maybe borrow some of the steps that work well for me 🙂

      1. That’s why I love and follow you Justin. You share YOU and very candidly and openly.
        Self help is critical for entrepreneurs…and I spend a minimum of an hour and sometimes more. Our “state of mind” is crucial if we want to succeed.

        Working on ourselves is MORE important to our business than actually working IN the business. Take the title of the biggest help for entrepreneurs..”Think” and Grow Rich. It doesn’t say Do this and Do that to grow rich…it is Think and the only way to think is to become engaged in growing Who I am. And what I found is interesting is the More I grow the More Income and Freedom I achieve. Self help is not woo-woo…it is Vital to Success!

        As always thanks for sharing…Has anyone told YOU today Just How AWEsome you are? I hope I’m the first 🙂

        1. Hey Cheryl
          Wow I can’t thank you enough for the great comment. I really appreciate the positive feedback and I couldn’t agree more about the idea of working ON ourselves. The successful people who I have studied are all very open about how much time they invest in “self development”. They are not ashamed to admit that they themselves are a “work in progress” and I think that’s what makes them so successful to begin with.

          And I love your comment about Freedom. True freedom can be achieved as you develop yourself and learn to worry less about external opinions and listen more to yourself and what you truly want to go for in your life! 🙂

          thanks again

        2. Beautifully said Cheryl! Thank you for putting it so beautifully – yes we entrepreneurs need to work on OURSELVES just as much as our business. Since our businesses are a direct reflection of who we are.

          And Justin thank you for your Awesomeness! Not only am I enjoying working with your products but using the wonderful information and your training here in your blog too.


  2. Many thanks for sharing your embryonic thoughts and plans. A brave thing to do because ideas are fragile at this stage. By sharing this it is encouraging to other people to get their dormant good stuff out there to be of help to others.


    1. Thanks John and I know myself well enough that when I have the added pressure of people watching and waiting for me to deliver… I’m far more likely to get it done! Glad you liked it 🙂

  3. It’s funny, Justin, but I am working on something very similar right now. I had this idea almost instantly when I first stumbled upon this project of yours and saw the variety of plr products you provide. And what really inspired me is the quality of design and content.

    Although I am going to do much redesign and rewriting of the content to better fit my brand.. I am very grateful for the things you do. If you don’t mind I will send you a notice when the project will be up and running.

    What is the best way to contact you? Email? Or maybe any of the social nets?

    Anyway, wish you and your family all the BEST!!

    1. Hey Dmitry

      That’s great! I love hearing stories about how our PLR is helping people like yourself get an edge in their business. The best way to contact me would be through the contact form on this website or, asssuming you are on our mailing list, replying to any of my broadcasts!

      Thanks and all the best to you and yours as well 🙂

  4. Very interesting and useful, Justin. Thanks for sharing. I am equally interested in how you schedule the rest of your day – how you work in new projects while dealing with the ongoing needs of what’s already “live.” Especially whether you concentrate on a new project until you finish it, then go on to the next – or work a certain time period each day or week on several new ones at once.

    1. Thanks Dana!

      I’d love to say I’m organized and schedule everything beautifully but the truth of the matter is I often scramble from 1 project to the next. But for certain aspects of my business (for example, our PLR release and promotion schedule at both of our PLR stores), we have a well documented/systemized process that pretty much guarantees we will reach the milestones we set (with some natural variance).

      But for new projects, I am always doing my best to plan and schedule my week in advance and the each day make sure I have a list of priorities in order, and do my very best to stick to them.

      I would say I accomplish, on average, about 50% of what I intend to do in a given week so new projects like this one will likely be attacked in short but agressive work sessions, spread out over many weeks or even months!

      Hope that helps a little 🙂

  5. Thanks for the brain dump Justin. Gives me some ideas on how to use a massive amount of articles I’ve written over the years.

  6. Susan Peters Chesley

    Aloha Justin from Big Island Hawaii

    Just viewed your video above and I can’t thank you enough! I’ve been sitting on a mountain of PLR not really knowing how to take my Motivational Coaching site. Doing 1 on 1s is a time waster and I wanted to help as many as possible with less effort. This is the model I’ve been thinking of but couldn’t see it clearly. I was stuck overthinking and making it harder than it had to be. Oh boy!

    Mahalo for your effort to help others while motivating yourself. You are the greatest value I’ve found in a long time.

    Mahalo nui!

    1. Hey Susan

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m really glad to hear this has been useful for you. Check out some of our other Training Blog posts as you may get some additional ideas to build upon. We’re working on some new ones too!

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