The Vision – Outcomes – Deadlines Exercise

In the following video training/example, I cover a very important 3 Step Process To Personal Success. This training video was designed with the business owner in mind but the lesson and corresponding exercise sheet can be applied and extended to any area of your life.


  1. Watch the 15 minute training presentation below
  2. Download the exercise sheet
  3. Print multiple copies and fill in the sheet to set your vision/outcome/deadline items


16 thoughts on “The Vision – Outcomes – Deadlines Exercise”

  1. This is a remarkable tutorial. So much useful information. Thank you for going to all the trouble of creating this video. It’s a must see for anyone finding this page.

    1. Hi there I’m not sure what’s going on but it is working on our end and we had a comment from Mike below saying he saw the video. No other reports of problems. Perhaps try another browser?

  2. Hey Justin,thank you for sending info to set a dradline in order to get going,I look forward to get out of debt,and iv been so worried about not being able to move forward in my feeling that im so for behind,not that im able to do this,my granddaughter get,s on thethe computer and just move around like second nature,me im pecking and unsureToday when i opened up your text,then i said that all the people that i lisren to and have program.s from and to know there success,i know i can do it!!. Progress is my keep to doing and knowing that I can do it and help all the people that deserve my support. .. Letme say thismi dont have a job aas of yet,but thank you for hanging in ther with me.Time to set my goal,s and make myself accountable..Thank you for your help !!! And the PLR free program,s. :Ps,I still hear my first cousin saying,that get rich stuff is not going to work..He,s a deputy sherriff..i just want to be my own boss..

    1. Thanks for the feedback Carl! Keep plugging away and you will find a business model that works for you! There are plenty of ways to deliver value into the marketplace and get paid well for it! Best of luck!

  3. Awesome video, Justin! This is a great reminder that we need to make ourselves accountable, set deadlines and put the work into getting it done or our goals will never be reached! Being an entrepreneur is awesome, but it’s not a walk in the park. It’s totally possible but it requires a lot of discipline to follow the plan.

    1. Hey Giselle

      Thanks for the feedback I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And I agree with you, discipline is a HUGE aspect to being an entrepreneur 🙂

  4. Thanks for this. It perfectly for me as well. I saved the worksheet and printed it as well. Now on the link to check out the PLR.

  5. Really great pep talk, Justin, vital information. And I must say, the timing of your message is perfect. I’ve always had that entrepreneur bug you speak of, yet I have nothing to show for it besides an empty bank account and several drives full of resources. I had made a small amount of money maybe 10 years ago online and had all the knowledge to rinse and repeat. Then Google changed their algorithms, I fell back into the daily rat race- working for others, raising my son, wandering aimlessly with no goals, and really, no purpose. Flash forward 10 years- son moved out, job sucking the life out of me and kicking myself when I think of how much better my life would be had I stayed in it! But I didn’t have accountability or the extra push, I still don’t really, and day after day I skip all over and never really accomplish anything, even at work. My few friends aren’t into this, nor is any family members, even my boss leaves me alone, assuming I’m doing the work. What you said really resonated as far as pushing yourself to make the deadlines to get the outcomes, something clicked. It seems like setting up some kind of reward for yourself could work but it would have to be… what? This is where I draw a blank. I’m a 50 yr old woman, an adult that can go get whatever, whenever. What kind of incentives do I need to hold myself accountable? Any ideas?

    1. Hey Tracy
      Thanks for the great comment and I’m so glad to hear this gave you some insight and inspiration. To answer the core of your question I believe it ultimately comes down to your core values and what is most important to you. Most of the entrepreneurs that seem to make it are the ones who value freedom over security. It is far more important to them to build a business on their terms than to enjoy the financial “security” of a 9-5 job (and I use quotes around the word security because so few jobs are secure these days). It comes down to how committed you are to bringing your vision into reality. Some people can do this on their own without an accountability partner, while others may need a bit of extra motivation,

      But the KEY is to DECIDE that you WILL do it and give yourself no out.

      When I became an entrepreneur, I quit my high paying job and gave myself no other choice but to succeed. It was scary, uncomfortable and some would even say reckless. But when you make the leap and force yourself to find out what you are truly made of (with no safety net), then you truly unlock your personal power.

      So, I would ask you what it is you can do to lock yourself in to making the goal of building a successful business NON-NEGOTIABLE? For each person it is different and I would need to know more about the specifics of your situation to really comment any further. But I encourage you to challenge yourself, define the values that really drive you and begin thinking about a first step you can take to lock yourself in to making this dream a reality. It could be offering a course for sale, putting up a product for sale and getting your first customers, it could be hosting an event, etc… something tangible that you can measure and execute on.

      Hope that helps and best of luck!

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