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What Goes Into the Production of a Tools For Motivation “Full Product”

One thing that I always appreciate is when a business gives a bit of a behind the scene look at their company or process.

I am a big fan of this stuff because it kind of “humanizes” the business. On top of that (maybe even more importantly) it can often inspire me to change the way I do things, or spur on other business innovations.

In that spirit, I thought I would commit to writing a bit more about the stuff we do to keep things running at Tools For Motivation.

The first thing I wanted to share, was a little bit about what goes into our Full PLR Self-Help Products.

These are far and away our most popular offering, and we have consistently put one out every 2 weeks …for years! 

Below you will find a break down, of exactly what we have to do to make sure that happens.


Each product starts with a plan!

A number of times throughout the year, Justin and I will have an in person meeting where we will discuss upcoming product ideas.

The ideas for the products come from a number of areas:

  • Whats hot in the self-help world
  • Customer requests (note: if you want a certain topic, Let us know!)
  • What has sold well in past
  • Our own personal preference
  • Amazon best sellers
  • Etc…

We usually plan out a quarter of the year at a time. This let’s us get a head start because there is a LOT of content to produce with a release every 2 weeks.

After we come up with the big picture ideas, we do three things:

  1. Come up with a working title (subject to change)
  2. Create an outline for our writer(s)
  3. Decide which writer from our team would best fit the topic

Once our chosen writer is ready to take on more work, we assign them the outline.


We love our team of writers! *heart eye emoji* Jaqui, Jim and Suzanne are the best in the PLR biz!

We have been through a number of great people over the years, but our current roster is top notch IMO.

We send our writers an order for:

  • ~6000 main report on topic
  • ~1500 word mini report related to topic
  • Ten 400 word articles related to topic
  • A 10-part Auto Responder Series related to topic

So we place an order for about ~12500 words on each topic!

The turn around time on this is about a month, so we always want to have a top notch roster of writers that we can trust to deliver – and boy do they ever!

Are you a writer? Drop us a line with a sample if you are interested in extra work. We can’t take people on that often, but we will add you to our list 🙂


The next step is editing.

We have a great in-house editor (HUGE shout out to Nigel) who goes through all the written content once we receive it.

I will also take a look through the content as we put the product together.

NOTE: This is an area we strive to get even better at, so look for some editing improvements in the upcoming year!


Once the main report is delivered and edited, we send it over to our audio team.

They are a great couple, which works out perfectly because this allows us to alternate the male and female voice on our audio books.

Keeps things fresh!

They are a professional audio recording duo that we keep on retainer and send X amount of projects to each month.


Design is attacked by our two headed monster – our in-house designer …and your’s truly.

The Infographic and Tips Posters are handled by our in-house designer. Dude is a rockstar and honestly one of the most reliable people I have ever dealt with. His work ethic low-key shames me.

Before he sets to work though, I research and write out 20 tips for him to use.

These tips then become:

  • 20 Tip Posters in 5 Seperate Styles
  • A (about) 600px X 1200px infographic
  • Both of those include Editable PSDs

The second half of the design includes the product packaging.

This is where I come in. Using a suite of tools including Fireworks, Photoshop, Unsplash, VectorStock & Boxshot 3D, I create the eCovers for the product.

This is a somewhat timely process, because I have to find an appropriate image, conceptualize the cover and then execute it.


This is another area that I handle mostly on my own. It is one of the most time consuming parts of the product, and also one that sometimes leads to confusion on the customer’s end.

Example: A customer has contacted us to complain that the content in the slidedecks, is the same as the content in the articles.

Well …uhhh yeah. We state that on the sales page.

This isn’t some grand scheme of ours. We take the time to repurpose this stuff (and it takes a lot of time!) so that you don’t have to. We do this to maximize your delivery options now our line items.

Repurposing includes:

  • Checklist: I carefully go through the main guide to pick out the main points to create a general checklist about the topic.
  • Main SlideDeck: I then use that checklist to create a slidedeck that can be used for videos or presentations
  • Mini-Reports: These are separate from the Lead-Gen report (which is entirely unique). I take the articles and break them up into two mini-reports, just to give you more options on how you can use the articles.
  • Article SlideDecks: Mini slidedecks created using the article content.
  • Enhanced eBook: This is new to our offers (we strive to continually add value to our products, it is a core belief of our company). This is something that Kelly (designer mentioned above) takes on for us. He takes the rather plain PDF eBook and fits it into an “enhanced” template.
  • WorkBook: Another new offer. Our editor Nigel usually takes this one. He takes the main lessons for the eBook and creates a workbook so that people can take action!

So when the few customers complain about our “repurposed” content, I have to admit I take it a bit personally.

This is time intensive work that we are saving you from doing.

Social Media Posts

This is another area where we have really grown.  This used to be part of the repurposing section above since we just used excerpts from the products for the social media posts.

Now however, we take a more proactive approach:

    • Tweets: Once just rehashed tips and quotes, these tweets are now sent out to our writer to create. Yeah, it costs us more money, but the quality is way more useful.
    • Facebook Posts: At one time, yes we would grab small bits of content from the writer’s work and break into FB posts. For the past few months, I have changed that up. Now, totally on my own, I include:
      • 5 Links to Amazon Books people can promote (with original blurb written by me)
      • 5 Links to Relevant Blog Posts (with original blurb written by me)
      • 5 Links to Relevant Youtube (with original blurb written by me)
      • 5 Open Ended Questions Designed to Promote Community Involvement (written by me)

Note: We didn’t even get a complaint about our social media posts that lead to this change. I simply did it because I didn’t believe the previous content lived up to our standards.

Packaging & Delivery

The final part of the equation handled by me. To wrap things up I:

  • Create all the promotional images for the sales page
  • Do a quick once over on the folder for quality control
  • Zip the package (using a special program designed for less opening errors)
  • Upload to our Amazon Storage as well as a backup storage in Dropbox
  • Create the product in Woo Commerce
  • Build the product post (sales page) in Woo Commerce
  • Publish the Product
  • Once over the sales page for quality control
  • Test that the product adds to cart properly, and downloads upon purchase
  • Add the product to the members page.

As you can see, with so many little steps, sometimes things go wrong. Luckily, I have Justin to help me with quality control, as well as you guys!

Our customers have been great at spotting certain issues and reaching out to us. We appreciate it, and please if you notice anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.

So there you have it, that is a little look at what goes into create one single full product here at Tools For Motivation.

Hopefully that insight will make things a bit clearer for you, or inspire you to change something in your own workflow.

If you have any further questions, comment below 🙂

10 Replies to “What Goes Into the Production of a Tools For Motivation “Full Product””

  1. rsneska says:

    Wow! Amazing stuff, thanks Justin and all team!

    1. Julian says:

      Justin, thank you for the insight in all that you and the team do.

  2. stevehearn says:

    Sounds like a well oiled machine !.
    Thanks for sharing, it is good to hear what goes on under the hood.

    1. Justin.Popovic says:

      Glad you liked it Steve. This post was “all Ted” and he did a great job breaking it all down!

  3. James Clabaugh Jr says:

    I’m brand newbie user – 36 house – and am blown away by the thought, preparation, quality of output. Thanks much for sharing the details of the process. You have sparked ideas where my creativity failed me. Thanks a bunch.

    1. Justin.Popovic says:

      Hey James, awesome! Thanks so much for the positive feedback… Ted does an incredible job with the product development team! It is a huge amount of work so we are always happy to hear stories like yours… thanks for sharing!

  4. Tim Latham says:

    Wow, I’ve read this page ten times, and each time grabs me! It’s AWESOME, and it’s why I like your content so well. Once again, thank you for your team, partner, and your hard work!

    1. Justin.Popovic says:

      Thanks so much Tim!! Really happy to hear you are getting value from our products and it’s fun to be able to share some of our systems and processes with people like yourself who are making good use of what we are building 🙂

  5. kathleen says:

    Good Stuff! It gives me a great step by step outline of how the process of production works. Many thanks. I look forward to implementing it with my own products with less stress.

    1. Justin.Popovic says:

      Thanks for the feedback Kathleen! I’m glad you found it helpful… and it is a reminder that we actually need to updates this because our production process is even more involved now!

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